Visit Terracina is the first channel to promote tourism in the city through the web and social networks.
We decided to let you know the area in which we were born and grew up , and especially the atmosphere in which we drew our desire to open all the others.
The evolution of civilization of the people depends on the openness of the city typical wet from the sea that has always been an important communication route .
The beauty of Terracina was told by characters which Goethe , Malaparte , Pasolini and many others , who have expressed in their writings what exists in the city ‘s wonderful that we invite you to visit .
We will try to tell ” The city of myth ” through social media : combining images and words , with a summary of the typical web .
We will let you know also our culinary history that represents a collection of various regional traditions from internal migration , which occurred in the last century . We can only wish you good trip!