Artisti Terracinesi Uniti Per Le Vittime Del Terremoto

Terracinesi United Artists For The Victims Of Earthquake

Many Terracinesi artists together , in a single day in its kind , to support earthquake victims .

Appointment for Tuesday, September 6 in Piazza Municipio: starting at 18 will perform the most important dance schools in the city along with many other artists of music and acting.
The afternoon show will be hosted by Mimmo De Rosa. Starting from 21:00, then, it will be the moment of the big names of our local music: Chicken Production, Enrica Tara, accompanied by maestro Paolo Di Girolamo, Mama Oshun, RINO GERARD BAND and Savioli Big Band. Franco Iannizzi and Massimo Lerose will present the show. It will be possible, during the event, donating through the 45500 number directly to the Civil Defense.

The entire event will be broadcast live on TV Telemontegiove thanks to the availability of the publishing group Lazio Sat-Gold-Telemontegiove and sensitivity of Sciscione Family. In addition, starting from 18, it is provided free shuttles departing from Piazza della Repubblica.

An evening of solidarity in a simple robe, accompanied by lots of music. Forbidden to miss!

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