Recensioni Ristoranti Terracina: Cantina Campo dei fiori

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Cantina Campo dei fiori

In the heart of the historic center of Terracina , between the ancient alleys and the millenary buildings is a young and dynamic local , is the Osteria “Cantina Campo Dei Fiori”!

Just opened in 2012 is already a must for terracinesi who go there, for the moment , only in summer.

Matteo, young manager , welcomes us with the freshness and the sympathy of his 25 years , and indeed , a feature that has particularly impressed us is that the developers are all very young boys , including a cook (Matteo Falchi). And perhaps for this reason , the environment is very friendly and relaxed , with a clientele of all ages also composed of many tourists.

Cantina Campo Dei Fiori” is open every evening and Sunday lunch in the period from March to October.

The menu is constantly evolving , it changes every day depending on the fresh fish that Matthew is an auction and is characterized by a simple and refined cuisine that always tends to bring out the flavor of the sea.

Cream of courgette soup with seafood salad and seared red shrimp

Vellutata di zucchine con insalata di mare e gambero rosso scottatoFresh and delicate appetizer that combines perfectly the flavors ( zucchini , potatoes , parsley , basil , onion , garlic , walnuts) with shrimps squid and mussels , all made fresh and cooked to perfection.

Pasta alla Norma with prawns

Pasta alla Norma con gamberi

Retelling of the famous Sicilian dish , personalized and lightened by the addition of the fish , creates a first flavorful and tasty . Must try

Bream with grilled vegetables

Orata con verdure grigliate

Bream with grilled vegetables
A simple dish cooked with real skill. In this dish colors and flavors explode , passed with flying colors.

Hot tiramisu

Cantina Campo dei fiori

A warm tiramisu , freshly prepared .. biscuits , hot espresso and mascarpone . A delicacy that will delight your taste buds while maintaining the simplicity of the tiramisu ” classic”.

At this point, we deliver the recognition “#Terracinafood – best restaurants Terracina” to“Cantina Campo Dei Fiori” and we invite you to try this restaurant as soon as possible !

Osteria “Cantina Campo Dei Fiori
Via Campo dei fiori 36 Terracina

Info e reservations: 388 6491823

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